Score: 8.8 / 10
Publish date: 30 August 2022
Developers: Sam Barlow
Platforms: Android , iOS , PC , Xbox One , Xbox Series X/S
Immortality is an interactive film video game developed by Sam Barlow and published by Half Mermaid Productions. It was released for Windows and Xbox Series X/S in August 2022. Android and iOS versions through Netflix app were released in November 2022. A macOS version is also in the works. The game is based on the fictional model turned actress Marissa Marcel (Manon Gage) who had starred in three movies from 1968, 1970, and 1999 but which were never released. Marcel has since gone missing, creating a mystery for the player to solve. In the same manner as Barlow's prior works Her Story and Telling Lies, Immortality incorporates the use of full-motion video for the player to piece together Marcel's fate.[1] The player begins with one clip from one of the three films, and the player can pause and click on a person or item of interest. The game will then show all other clips from the three films, as well as behind-the-scenes production footage and television and interview clips, which the player can review and seek out further persons or items.[2]


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